Nowadays, newly weds have different types of photo shoots and pre-weddings at their weddings and upload them on social media. Currently, pre-wedding couples spend millions of rupees on pre-wedding photoshoots and videography. But in this year of 2021, you have almost never seen such a pre-wedding! Unique from all the pre-weddings so far, this gorgeous pre-wedding belongs to Jay Vyas of Gujarat and his wife Naisargi Vyas who got their pre-wedding done in a completely different way. We may have seen many colorful pre-weddings but the pre-wedding dedicated to the love of Bollywood’s favorite actors of the 1955s and 80s from Rajkapoor to actors like Amitabh Bachchan has been created by our Gujarati producer Jay Vyas and his wife Naisargi.

This pre-wedding video shoot is made on different collection of bollywood classical music. In which popular songs of 80’s decade like “Pyaar Hua, Phool Tum Gulab Ka, Isharo Isharo Mein, Gunguna Rahe Bhavre and “Neela Aasmaan So Gaya” have been pre-wedding by creating them again like in 80’s.

He is the producer of the most popular Gujarati language web series “Bas Cha Sudhi” as well as the song “Sabse Pehle”. Jay Vyas has used bollywood classic B&W theme in their pre-wedding. A different kind of retro pre-wedding has been done by mixing different songs from Bollywood 90s films in one video in the same format. One of his web films “Hu Tane Malish” will be seen soon. Jay Vyas, who is making Gujarati songs and web series, has done a pre-wedding shoot for his love in a film style seen in the 80’s. You will find this retro pre-wedding on Jay Vyas’s YouTube. He also has a YouTube channel Jay Vyas Productions. Gujarat and Gujarati people always celebrate each of their festivals in a different way. Jay Vyas has also come up with a new idea for pre-wedding by shooting his pre-wedding in a different way.


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