If Kashmir is known as the paradise on the earth, visiting the Rann of Kuch for once in your life on a moonlit night will change your perspective a lot. When the moonbeamsfall on the vast sand dunes,and a soothing breeze make its marks on the stretched land of sand, it feels out of the world. Those, who haven’t visited the Rann of Kutch till now, must have this mesmerizing experience in life once and you will want to visit the place again. Not only for the natural beauty, but there are other attractions at this place which will mesmerize you a lot. Let’s find out where you can go if you are at Rann of Kutch-

  1. Great Runn of Kutch

This is the one of the greatest attraction of this place. Located in the middle of the Arabian Sea and the TharDesert, this place will make you spellbound. You can visit it at any moonlit night, but the great Gujarat and Kutch culture can be visited if you come to this place during the Kutch Festival. You will get lots of life, laughter,andcolors. Winter is the best time to visit as you can get to see the pink Siberian flamingos here.

  1. Topansar Lake

How about arranging a picnic on a day of your tour? Topansar Lake is the best destination to spend time with your friends and family. For the tourists as well as for the local people, this place is really a center of attraction. This place is also a paradise for the bird watchers as the lake is filled with migratory birds during winter.

  1. KaloDungar

This is the highest point of Kutch,and if you want to get the thorough view of Kutch, you should not miss visiting it. The amazing view of the entire place along with the Indo-Pak border will mesmerize you. If you are an adventurist, you can go for hiking at this place. But, only professionals and experts are allowed for hiking here.

  1. Mandvi Beach

There is no need to spend a lazy evening in the hotel room. Have a walk with your partner on the Mandvi Beach and watch the amazing sunset over there.

These are few spots of the Runn of Kutch you can visit once you are in Gujarat. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and book tickets for Gujarat tour for this coming holiday session.


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