Rajeshwari Singh from Vadodara is on a mission to beat plastic and will walk till Delhi on foot to spread the awareness in people. She will pass through major cities in her 45 days walk covering 1100 kilometers. The event is supported by Gujarat tourism and UN environment.

Her walk of awareness coincides with the United Nations World Environment Day on 5th June 2018 hosted by India in New Delhi. Starts from Vadodara Rajeshwari Singh starts her walk with the theme ‘My Waste My Responsibility’ and her mission is to create awareness in the people to stop use of plastic to save environment. “I will be walking with totally 0% pollution walk avoiding any type of plastic packaged food, drinks or even water. As I am not using any type of plastic for years I will meet people on the way and interact with them to aware them about not to use plastic to save Mother Earth. In my awareness walk I will cover 22 major cities and four states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and NCR to reach Delhi on 5th June,” said Singh.

Rajeshwari is not using any kind of plastic for the last 10 years and wants to spread the same awareness in people. As this year theme of UN is Beat Plastic she also wants to create a national awareness through her walk. Looking at the scorching heat condition she will divide her time in morning and evening to avoid any type of medical issues.
Rajeshwari Singh is founder and director of an infotainment firm and also raise funds through this walk to support her initiative Caravan classroom working for the rag pickers community. She said all the funds raising from this walk will be utilised in education, research and waste management sectors. She will walk 30 to 35kms daily and will post live updates on social media to inspire others and welcome everyone to join her mission.


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