A girl in Vadodara miraculously escaped from being grievously hurt after her two wheeler fell inside the storm drain. The drain is left open by the administration for quite some time and the girl fell inside the drain along with her two wheeler after attending the marriage ceremony.


The local residents allege that the storm water drain was left open by the administration for quite some time and it proves to be a danger zone for the residents. On Saturday the girl fell inside the drain after attending the marriage function.

The girl residing in Raopura area went to a party plot near Susen circle for attending a marriage function there. After attend the function she was about to return home and taking out her Activa from the parking. However she lost her balance and fell inside the 12 foot drain.

The girl shouted for help and the local residents rushed to help her and also informed the fire brigade. The residents rescued the girl from the drain before the fire brigade reached the spot.  The girl was so shocked and terrified that she started crying and was consoled by the people there. Later fire brigade reached the spot and took out the active from the open drain. The local residents question and held responsible the administration for the incident.