A gift for marriage season from Fukrey Returns


The second song Fukrey Returns is a gift to the ongoing marriage season in the country. The song Yeh Gaya Khalra is the perfect song for the season with his catchy beats and words.

The song makes the boys dance to the beats of Bhangra and the actors enjoy the every beat during the shooting of it. Bollywood always gives perfect marriage songs in the past and this one from Fukrey Returns is another one in the line which makes everyone dance to the tunes.

We can feel the love in the air and the song starts from the marriage of Zafar Vishakha and Honey Priya. They all make the song more enjoyable with their wonderful chemistry.

Divya Kumar, Jasleen Royal, Akasa Singh and Akanksha Bhandari gives their voices in the song composed by Jasleen Royal.  The song is written by Aditya Sharma.

The film will release on 15th December in cinemas.




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