Patient gets back to his normal life due to advanced Neuro surgery -A WAKE CRANIOTOMY

A compIex brain tumour is removed without anesthesia at Sterling Hospital in Vadodara where the patient gets back to his normal life due to advanced Neuro surgery AWAKE CRANIOTOMY. Renowned neuro surgeon Dr. Maulik Vaja performed the unique advance surgery on the patient diagnosed with brain tumour.

Dr. Maulik Vaja says, “34 year male name Bhavik Modi came to sterling hospital with history of two episodes of convulsion before 20 days. He underwent MRI brain and was diagnosed with brain tumor (left temporal lobe Glioma). The tumor was in critical location of brain from where we get power to understand and express our speech (wernicke’s area). He required surgery for excision of brain tumor due to its large size and repeated attacks of convulsions. But doing operation under complete general anesthesia by conventional technique of craniotomy and excision of tumor located at critical area of brain had very high risk of developing aphasia which means permanent neurological disability to understand and speak”.

He further added that the risk of not doing operation was also high as it was causing repeated convulsions headache, tumor was large causing pressure effect, tumor can progress in to advance cancer in future and psychological pressure of having brain
tumor in brain in completely intact neurological status.

The surgeon examined him and his relatives about the availability of an AWAKE CRANIOTOMY surgery option. He underwent surgery of brain in fully awake condition. The brain tumor was removed successfully and he was able to listen, understand and speak during and after surgery. After surgery he was kept in ICU for one day for observation and discharged from the hospital after 4 days of surgery in complete intact neurological status.

What is AWAKE CRANIOTOMY? This is an advance neurosurgical operative technique which is done by team efforts which includes neurosurgeon, anesthetist and neurophysiologist. Patient is operated under fully awake status where we can remove brain tumor with simultaneous monitoring of brain function like speech and limb movements with electrical stimulating probes and other equipment. Advances in neurosciences and understanding of human brain structures gives excellent benefit to the patient in terms of cure from disease along with complete intact neurological status without any neuro deficit.



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