OSD Dr. Vinod Rao appointed 20 senior doctors from Sayaji, Gotri and Extension Hospitals as Nodal Officers for implementation of the guideline

When it comes to the treatment of covid, oxygen is just as important as a valuable medicine and careful consumption is required to prevent the possibility of its deterioration or leakage during treatment.

In view of that Officer on Special Duty and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao, with the help of 6 experts and experienced doctors, has taken the initiative to formulate and implement the Oxygen Management Guideline. This guideline carefully incorporates the precautions to be taken to ensure that patients receive the highest level of oxygen and to minimize the risk of leakage and wastage.

This has led to the appointment of about 20 senior physicians as oxygen management nodal officers at the Sayaji and Gotri hospitals as well as at the extension treatment facilities at Atladara and Samaras hostels under whose leadership patients are being treated.

Their appointment order states that oxygen management is an essential aspect of covid treatment. One of the steps to maintain uninterrupted supply is leakage and waste management to keep oxygen to a minimum. The above nodal officers have been asked to follow the guideline to ensure economical use of oxygen.


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