97 year freedom fighter Narendra Joshi lives a healthy life


Never took pension and wish to complete 100 years of life

As the nation celebrated its 72nd Independence day this year, here is a story of a freedom fighter Narendra Joshi from Vadodara who never took pension and lives a healthy life. Following the steps of Mahatma Gandhi he lives simple life and wish to complete 100 years of his life. On 30th August he is celebrating his 97th birthday.

Lives in Dabhoiya pole in Wadi area of the city Narendra Joshi will celebrate his 97th birthday on 30th August. Living with his wife Nirmala 88, son Sanjay, daughter in law Daksha and grandchildren, Narendra Joshi is a perfect example of remaining fit at this age with his simple life.

He never celebrated his birthday but wish the same after completing 100 years. He is confident to vote in 2022 and chose the right candidate.

At this age his mantra of being fit is simple living and away from dirty politics. At this age he used to walk without the support of stick and himself does his work. He wakes up every morning as per routine and read news papers. Then eat breakfast, dal rice in lunch and milk chapati in the night. He passes his time by writing Om Namah Shivay and watching Morari Bapu sayings on television.

The surprising thing is Narendra Joshi lives on one kidney since 1980 and is fit and healthy at this age. He strictly follows the rules of Mahatma Gandhi and believes in selfless service. He said authenticity in life is enough and helps him live without any medicines. At this age he never take any medicine.

Freedom fighter Narendra Joshi retired from railways and involved in social service after that. He lives a happy life with his family and gift Bhagwad Gita to everyone visits his home in festivals and for birthday wishes.

On the present political scenario he feel sad about the way politicians don’t care about the country and only thinks about their own developmemt. He also not compare the present politicians with the earlier ones from his time.

He idolise Mahatma Gandhi and said to be complete so many years only because of following his rules. He is confident to complete his century and celebrate the ocassion with his whole family.

He never took freedom fighter pension till date and not wish to take further in his life. He feels accepting pension is like taking interest for our service to nation. He said by accepting pension and serve people is not real work and all the sacrifices they gave then have no meaning.


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