Don’t be afraid of vaccine, we can defeat Corona only with vaccine – Dr. Rohit

Currently, the state government’s health department has started Covid vaccination in Vadodara city and district. The first benefit of the vaccine is being given to the leading corona fighters in the health sector without any distinction between government and private hospitals.

A wonderful event has taken place in the vaccination campaign held for the third time today. Dr. Rohit Bhatt, a 89-year-old senior gynecologist of Bhailal Amin Hospital, showed high spirits and got vaccinated. Dr. Rohit Bhatt is likely to be the first person in Gujarat to be vaccinated in old age. He must be one of the few doctors in Gujarat who is in active practice at such age.

This senior and experienced doctor after getting vaccinated, said that only with the vaccine, we will be able to defeat the corona. The fear of corona is more responsible than the disease. corona. Everyone should be vaccinated without fear of rumors.

One of the eye-catching and bright aspects of corona vaccination in Vadodara city and district is that the big doctors of government and private hospitals and the managers of corporate hospitals have vaccinated. A few examples are Swati Pandya, Chief Administrator of Seva Sanstha and Arogya Tirth Muni Seva Ashram, Dr. Devanshu Patel, Chairman of Parul Hospital, Barkha Amin, Trustee of Bhailal Amin Hospital, Dr. Tricolor Hospital. Parbinder Singh, Dr. Inderjit, Senior Physicians of Dhiraj Hospital, Additional Medical Superintendent of Sayaji Hospital Dr. Hemant Mathur, Administrative Nodal Officer of Gotri Hospital Dr. Sheetal Mistry, Dr. Vijay Shah, Cardiologist Dr. VC Chauhan, Divisional Deputy Director of Health Dr. Rajendra Pathakji, Civil Surgeon of Jamnabai Hospital Dr. Mishra and other leaders at the forefront of the fight against corona have given a persuasive message to be vaccinated against corona before all.

Giving very interesting information in this regard, Chief District Health Officer Dr. Uday Tilawat said that a total of 224 health officials including 20 consultant doctors, 10 professors and deans, resident doctors, 184 medical officers and 10 AYUSH doctors from government and private medical institutions in Vadodara city and district have been vaccinated.

Even today, the medical officer of Padra Community Health Center, Dr. Shyamkumar Sinha administered the first vaccine in Padra taluka. Dr. Neha Desai, Medical Officer at Sokhada Primary Health Center, inspired all to administer the vaccine. 100% vaccination was done at Sokhada Primary Health Center this afternoon.

For success in war, it is important for the commander to be at the forefront and lead the army. Vaccination is the battle to prevent corona. The leaders of this war are taking the first vaccine themselves.


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