8 people killed in a major fire inside a make shift cracker shop in Rustampura village in Waghodia Taluka of Vadodara district.

Sources said the fire started inside and soon spread to the cracker shop and two building nearby. Among the dead are the shop owner and the people came to buy crackers from there. It was the only cracker shop in the area.

According to the primary information the cracker shops was running from one of the two cutlery and provision store owned by Idrishbhai Khatri. The sale of crackers was on due to Diwali. The customers are there to buy crackers when suddenly the fire started inside the shop selling crackers. In a matter of time the shop was up in flames and the fire also spread to adjacent houses also.


As people tried to doused the flame but it was too much for them and they soon called the fire brigade which rushed from Vadodara. Fire officer Mukund Gunjal along with his team reached the spot and control the fire after two hours. As the fire spread rapidly the owner and the customers climbed up the house tried to save themselves. However due to fire two cylinders also blasted and due to the impact one side wall of the house fell down along with the people who climbed up to save themselves from fire. 8 people died after the fire and all were later send for Post Mortem.  Around 4 people also injured in the fire.

After the incident Vadodara Collector Lochan Sehra, SP Saurabh Tolambia, Mamlatdar and other officials rushed to the spot to take stock of the situation. The name of the dead are Saddam Idrish Khatri, Kishwabanu Khatri, Jayesh Pratap Baria, Nikunj Ambalal Rohit, Ganpat Naik, Vipul Ishwar Bhil, Anil Ashok Baria and Anil Arvind Baria.


As it was the evening time and the rush was there of customers to buy crackers the sudden fire inside the makeshift cracker shop engulfed the whole shop and 8 peoples were killed along with the owner in the fire. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals and also to SSG hospital Vadodara.

As the fire was major one the electricity department switched off the power supply immediately as precautionary measure and due to this the whole village was in darkness. The rescue work was also affected due to the darkness. However the dead were taken to the SSG hospital for Post Mortem. It was said that Collector called the SSG Superintendent Dr. Rajiv Deveshwar and informed him about the incident. The doctors later make arrangements for Post Mortem of the dead.