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    8 December – Know your today’s horoscope

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    Aries: Mould your thoughts to some positive thinking as you fight the fearsome monster of fear otherwise you would become the passive and unrelenting victim of this arch demon. Any issues related to money can get solved today and you can attain financial benefits. Use your spare time in beautification of your house. You family will really appreciate it. Romantic memories will occupy your day. At work, you might experience a good change. You will love walking under the clear sky and breathing clean air in your free time today. You will remain mentally calm, which will benefit you throughout the day. Your efforts to make the marital life better will show you the colors better than expectations today.

    Taurus : Take care of your well being otherwise things might take a turn for the worse. You may witness tremendous profit in business today. You can give new heights to your business today. This is the perfect day to attract the attention of others without doing much on your side. It’s your lucky day in love. Your partner will surprise you with the realization of your long awaited fantasies. Don’t promise anything till you are sure you can deliver it. You have spare time today for socializing and follow up with things that you love doing the most. There are fairly good chances that people around you will try to create differences in your relationship. Do not go as per the advice of outsiders.

    Gemini : Your health and energy conservation habit will benefit you immensely as you plan to go on a long journey. Despite a busy schedule you will be easily able to cope up with the tiredness. The economic side is likely to strengthen. If you had lent money to a person, you are expected to get that money back today. The day starts with good news from close relatives or friends. Your eyes are so bright that they can light up a dark night of your lover. If you want to do better at the workplace, then try and infuse new technologies in your work. Stay updated with the latest tricks and techniques. Students of this zodiac sign may find it difficult to concentrate on their studies today. Also, you can waste your precious time on friends. You and your spouse will create the best memory of your married life today.

    Cancer: Unwanted thoughts may occupy your mind. Try to engage yourself in physical exercise because an empty brain is a devil’s workshop. Any advice from your father can prove to be beneficial at the workplace. Domestic work keeps you busy most of the time. Change your nature of keep falling in love everyday. You might meet a wonderful person at work today. If you are married and have children, then they can complain to you regarding you not being able to give them ample time. Wrong communication might create a trouble today, but you will be able to manage it by sitting and talking.

    Leo: Your family expects a lot from you which could irritate you. Travel for some prove hectic and stressful-but financially rewarding. Friends will brighten up your day as they plan out something exciting for the evening. You can quarrel with your partner on this day just to prove yourself right. However, your partner will calm you down with better understanding. Good day for implementing new plans and ventures. Learn to control your mind, as many a times you lose focus and waste your time. Even today, you can do something like this. Bad health of a child or any elder citizen at your place might give you tensions which will directly affect your married life.

    Virgo : Go out for a long walk for the sake of your good health. Today, businessmen of this zodiac sign should stay away from the members of their household who ask for your financial help and do not return it later. Give proper time to your family. Let them feel that you care for them. Sped your quality time with them. Don’t give any chance to complain. If you feel that your beloved does not understand you, then take some time out and spend it with them. Talk openly and speak out your heart clearly. Your confidence is growing and advancement is apparent. As you like to carry out your favourite activity in free time, you’ll think of doing something similar even today. However, you won’t be able to fulfil your plan due to an uninvited guest. You are going to have a soulful chit-chat with your spouse today.

    Libra : Children will brighten your evening. Plan a nice dinner to adieu a dull and hectic day. Their company would recharge your body. If you wish to lead a smooth life and maintain a stable standard of living, then you need to remain attentive today regarding your finances. Grandchildren would be a source of immense pleasure. Absence of love may be felt today. The day looks very smooth in the context of work. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. Things might not run as per your wish today, but you will spend a beautiful time with your better half.

    Scorpio : Your positive outlook will impress those around you. You need to talk to your family members today regarding money investment and savings. Their advice will prove to be helpful in improving your financial situation. Make sure you have approval of others before you make changes to your home environment. Experience pious and pure love. If you should be going on a days leave then do not worry- as things will run smoothly in your absence- If- for some strange reason- there’s a problem- you’ll fix it easily when you return. You can be upset at your workplace due to some problems and waste your time thinking about it. Your life-partner had never been so wonderful than today.

    Sagittarius : Your kind nature will bring many happy moments today. You seem to know exactly what people need and want from you-but try not to be too lavish in your spending today. Children may bring in some thrilling news. Be cheerful and courage to face downs in love. Your work will be appreciated at work. Today, you can get involved in an argument with someone without any reason. Doing so will spoil your mood as well as waste your precious time. An old issue might crop up in between you two during a humorus discussion, which will eventually convert into an argument.

    Capricorn :  A very good day from health point of view. Your cheerful state of mind will give you the desired tonic and keep you confident. It should be well understood that in the hour of grief, your accumulated wealth will only help you tackle the situation. Hence, start saving from today and avoid excessive spending. A day full of happiness when spouse makes efforts to give joy. Don’t act like a slave in love affair. Be honest and to the point in your approach-Your determination will get noticed and so will your skills. The beginning of the day may be a little tiring, but as the day progresses, you will start getting good results. At the end of the day, you will be able to find time for yourself and put it to use by meeting someone close to you. After a bad phase of misunderstanding, the day will bless you with the love of your spouse in the evening.

    Aquarius : Astrological guidance by a friend will encourage you to improve your health. Investment concerning your residence will be profitable. Be a luminary and perfectionist in your approach towards life and work. Nice human values with a warm heart and an innate urge to guide and help others. This would automatically bring harmony in your family life. Keep your love fresh like precious things. Pressure at work and home might make you short-tempered. Your family will share many problems with you today, but you will remain occupied in your own world, and do something in your spare time that you like. You might get an amazing surprise for your marital pleasures.

    Pisces : Pressure from seniors at workplace and discord at home might bring some stress- which would disturb your concentration at work. You will possess a considerable amount of money today, and with it there will be peace of mind. Try not to say the wrong things at the wrong time-Be careful not to hurt the ones you love. It is not the right time to share your personal feelings/secrets with your beloved. Subordinates or co-workers would be highly helpful. Rituals/hawans/auspicious ceremonies will be performed at home. You might face a tough time in your marriage today.


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