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“7th day of the world’s largest Summit – Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

“7th day of the world’s largest Summit – Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

7th June was the 7th day of the Sayaji Startup Summit 2017. Pitching sessions took place at the institute of leadership and governance, MSU. The categories for the day's pitching were Media & Entertainment, Food & Beverages Startups.

The panels were very supportive and guided the participants as per their need. They asked various questions at the end to know more about the product/idea of the participant.

The jury mainly looks for the answers of the following : 1) patent registered or not for specific technologies, 2)how much staff is required by the company, 3) how do you maintain quality with limited resources, 4) they asked what is the difference between a company and a production house, 5) what do the participants want from the investors, 6) what is their product innovation, 7) breakup of the expenses of the demanded funding, 8) do you have the necessary certificates required, 9) the main USP of the idea, etc.

The results for the pitching are:


- Monologue

- Foodyari

- Tabwaala

- Entickets


- Inner beauty

- SWH modification

- Veloo

- Natural juice – kunal rayani

- Yummy dips (deep lodhari)

- AM Sarkar production


- Star adsense

- Business dhyeya

- Travel next

- Newspaper kart

- BIT model


- Failure of earthen dam

The speaker at the workshop were Meghavi Vyas and Trushar Redij speak on the topic “How to market your startup and Personal Branding for Startup?”.

Tushar Redij said people listen to you before they see you. To be in a market you need to speak up or your opportunity will be grabbed by the others in the market. Success always come to the prepared mind. Marketing is limited to the resources you have.

Spending time is an art, it’s all about how we spend the given time. Cherish the small milestones which come in your way, in marketing it is important to take one more step everyday rather than stopping till you get an opportunity. Everything is there within you. His session was very interactive. Product always comes secondary, you come first.

Meghavi Vyas said two things about branding: first is the company and second is you yourself. What is personal branding: it is not bragging or self-promoting yourself, It is a clear compelling public image. Branding is not about what you think about you, but what others think about you. How people perceive you is your personal branding. Your brand is a combination of who you are, i.e., your authentic self and your speciality/expertise. She said that no other person is same. A product came be same with same price, same quality, etc. but no other person can be same, every single person is different from the others.

She gave various examples of some well-known personalities to portray what personal branding is. Managing brand is a continuous product. The brand should be clear, consistent and authentic. The five steps to create a personal brand: 1) uncovering, 2) identifying, 3) creating, 4) communicating and 5) sustaining. Her session was very interesting.

The categories for 8th day pitching are Automobile, Space & Transportation Startups. The workshop will be conducted by Nirav Majumdar and Vishwas Jambu

Who will speak on How to sustain and grow your startups and How to build a good team?

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