On Sunday, vaccinations can be given at 200 centers in Vadodara district

Vadodara District Health System under the guidance of District Collector Shalini Agarwal and District Development Officer Kiran Zaveri has got encouraging results to speed up vaccination. The system has also made arrangements to continue vaccination on Sunday.

Informing that corona vaccine was given at 202 centers in rural areas of the district on Saturday, Chief District Health Officer Dr. Surendra Jain said that these arrangements have benefited the elders aged 60+ and people suffering from dangerous diseases aged 45 to 59 years. A total of 7784 people in this category were vaccinated. On Friday 8027 people in this category took the first dose of the vaccine. Thus, in two days, 15,811 people in this category have been vaccinated against covid.

The vaccinators are being given the necessary medicines to be taken in case of minor or major side effects like fever or body aches. So far almost no incidents of side effects have been reported.

He said that in this important national operation of Corona vaccination, the provincial authorities as well as various departments of the district administration, including education, are getting integrated cooperation. 69801 people in this category have been vaccinated so far.

Sunday is a public holiday but vaccinations are planned to be continued by district health workers and will be given on Sunday at 200 centers in the district.


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