Spreading the message of celebrating active ageing

70 year old Hari Baaskaran is on a mission to draw attention to the critical needs a part of old age care. He starts cycling from Chennai covering seven states to spread the message that old age is not the end but it’s the start of a new journey towards fitness and complete the dreams.

As part of the Silver Cyclers Project 2019 of HelpAge India, that has been focussing on promoting active ageing, Hari Baaskaran reached Vadodara on 1stMarch towards his journey to Delhi. A retired professional he wants to celebrate active ageing and wants to live good and healthy life.

“After retirement the people went into a shell and their life moves down. They stick to a routine without any physical activities and invite complications. However I don’t want to live like that and hence introduce myself to cycling. I want to celebrate active ageing and live good and healthy life fulfilling my dreams and hobbies. The aim of this expedition is to socially relevant and link the life with physical activities,” said Baskaran.

Starting from Chennai he passed through Karnataka, Maharashtra and now is in the state of Gujarat. From here he will move to Rajasthan, Haryana and then complete his expedition at Delhi covering around 3200 kilometers. “Enroute my cycling I interact with youngsters, corporate and elders to aware them about love life. For elderly I say retirement is not the end and time to go down. Youngsters can show their gratitude towards their parents when they need them the most. Third is to reach out to neighbours for a healthy society,” said Baskaran.

Hari is riding on high performance light weight CanonDale cycle having a technician (provided by TI cycles) to support him during the ride. His wife and two other relatives accompany him during his expedition. After completing the mission he wish to connect with more people, pen down a book on his experience and social care at community level.


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