68 fishermen returned from Pakistan Jails

National Safety Day 2021

It was emotional moment for the 68 Indian fishermen reached Vadodara station after 10 months jail in Pakistan. Their eyes got wet after they described the difficult time spent inside the jail. However their was the happiness to meet their families way back home.

One of the fisherman Tunis Bhai said he was caught inside water near Kutch on December last year and it’s almost a year they are put inside the Pakistan  jail. The food given to them was not good and faced lots of difficulty there inside. Every time they only thinks about the day of their release and finally it happened and now leaving behind all the pain they finally meet their families.

Fisheries department officer R.N. Patel said after the talks by government and coast guard 68 fishermen were released from Pakistan jails. All are happy to be back to their homes and as per the rules they are given 150 rs daily allowance from the date they were jailed in Pakistan. Out of them 59 are from Somnath, Gir, Navsari, Porbandar and Valsad.


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