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6 Things You Keep In Mind While Buying A New Smartphone

6 Things You Keep In Mind While Buying A New Smartphone

The smartphone industry is way too big. Every now and then, with new technology updates, new Smartphones get launched in the market. Thus, when you decide to buy a new Smartphone, you get overwhelming options that will leave you confused. Suggestions and recommendations from your network about the latest technology updates in the Smartphone industry will increase your confusion even further. Fret not. In this article, we will share the top 6 things that you must consider to avoid any perils.

Are you buying a new smartphone? 6 things you keep in mind while buying a new smartphone

1. Design and Durability

It is difficult to choose between durability and appearance. Of course, you must get the phone which looks good with its looks, but it also has to be ready to deal with an everyday tumble. The latest design in trend is a body with a metal frame and the glass with special finishes which reflect light. To make sure it survives scratches and mishandling buy a phone with the Gorilla glass.

2. Processor

Often people ignore this, but it is really important to get a good processor in the phone so it can perform well. As per the latest technology update, a Smartphone with the Quad-core processor gives the best performance even when you play high-end games such as PUBG or have HD video calls.

3. Software

There is hardly anyone that checks specifications and software, but it is so important to deliver a smooth experience to the users. Whether you are getting an Android or an Apple Smartphone, you have to make sure that you check about new technology updates in the Smartphone software and choose the phone with the latest version available within your budget. Also, make sure to choose the phone that gives regular software updates so you can keep your phone updated.

4. RAM and Storage

More is the merrier is the thumb rule while we talk about the RAM and storage. More RAM and storage will let you install and store more applications and of course media files as well. The 4GB RAM with 64 GB extended memory capacity is available on almost all phones. However, if you have a good budget, try to get the Smartphone with minimum 6 or 8 GB RAM.

5. Cameras

This is the most important feature for many. There are many Smartphones that give more than two cameras to allure buyers. Here, look for the quality over quantity. Multiple cameras are good if you want to have pictures with bokeh effect. The camera software must give the portrait, landscape, and other real-time filters. Also, it should give slow mode for videos. The 12 MP is the minimum standard these days.

6. Battery

The best phone is useless if its battery can’t live longer. The battery must be 3700 mAh to 4000 mAh for best performance. There are some Smartphones which use the latest technology updates to give a battery which lasts longer and take just 2 to5 minutes to get completely charged.

These are the top 6 specs that you have to keep in mind while buying a new smartphone.

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