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6 Oxygen Concentrator machines given to Collector by Shankar Packaging Limited company

6 Oxygen Concentrator machines given to Collector by Shankar Packaging Limited company

The modern oxygen machine is a blessing in disguise for patients in need of oxygen, useful to two patients on one machine

Everyone is struggling to beat Corana and the treatment of increasing number of Corana patients is becoming very important. Adequate amount of oxygen for the patients proves to be very useful in the treatment if gets it on time.

In such challenging times Shankar Packaging Company situated in Waghodia handed over Six State-of-the-art oxygen concentrator machines for Corana patients to the district administration.

In the presence of Senior General Manager HR Yogesh Dubey, Kalyani Pandya, Business Analyst and Jasmine Dewalia, CSR Executive handed over 6 (six) Oxygen Concentrator to Additional Collector, DR Patel, Vadodara. The machines will be helpful in treatment of patients at various centres in the district.

From the very beginning of Corona, the company has provided services in rural areas of Vadodara district like distribution of masks and medicines, information on early symptoms and its treatment, and also organized various health oriented programs especially for senior citizens including yoga. Now the company has donated Oxygen Concentrator machines for the treatment of Corona patients.

The company's management said that oxygen is important and useful during treatment for Corana patients, and in view of the current need, the company has decided to provide 6 oxygen concentrator machines, which will be a boon for Corana patients in the present times.

The cost of this state-of-the-art Oxygen Concentrator machine is Rs. 84000 and the company handover 6 machines costing a total of Rs. 504000 to the district administration.

Vadodara District Additional Collector DR Patel thanked the management of the company after accepting the Oxygen Concentrator Machines. He also stressed the need for everyone's cooperation in defeating Corana.

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