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6 Health Tips to Beat the Odds of this Monsoon

6 Health Tips to Beat the Odds of this Monsoon

Though monsoon comes with a cool splash and beats the summer heat, the flaws of which can’t be denied as well. With monsoon, the probability of health issues also knocks your door. The increased level of wetness in the air gives a boost to certain seasonal illnesses.

While some are treatable at home, the others require strict medical attention, else they can turn fatal. Hereby, the monsoon is the best season to put ‘prevention is better than the cure’ into action. Even after adhering to the strict precautions, you might be caught with an illness in this rainy season. Treating certain illnesses is even a nightmare as sometimes the cost is way more expensive.

When Health Insurance Comes into the Picture!

With rising inflation in the healthcare sector, a medical emergency msight cost you a bomb. In this regard, health insurance in India is the need of the hour for several reasons. It covers the expenses incurred during hospitalization and helps you mitigate the extra financial burden.

However, by following certain healthcare precautions during this season, you can restrain yourself from claiming your health insurance and in return, can earn a bonus from the insurer. Sounds good right? Let’s discuss how you can beat the adversities of this season and stay fit throughout:

Precautions to be taken to Keep Diseases at Bay

  1. Eat healthily

By improving your eating habits, you can get rid of most of the illnesses. The healthier you eat the more nutrients are supplied to the body and the more capable it will be to fight with the bacteria. Since water-borne illnesses are common these days, make sure you only drink purified water.

2. Say No to Rainy Walks

No doubt it sounds appealing to beat the hit of summers, but this can make you prone to diseases such as fungal infections, leptospirosis, etc. Say strict ‘no’ to wearing wet clothes or footwear.

3. Washing Hands is a ‘Must’

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important health tips to ensure your well-being in any season. Whenever you’re out, the chances of yours getting into contact with the germs is higher. Hence, washing your hands regularly is vital to keep those rainy season diseases at bay. This should be a must to have a habit for the kids as they are prone to catch illness easily.

4. Maintain Hygiene

By marinating your own hygiene, you can remain on the safer side. This also includes the habit of taking shower twice a day. Showering in the morning and once you get into the house after a hectic day, ensures that harmful bacteria are washed off and consecutively prevents you from the bacterial infections, which are rising these days.

5. Carry Mosquito Repellent

Monsoon is the season of mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes during this season become the common source of spreading terminal illnesses. The rising rate of vector-borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya are taking a troll every year. So, before you come to a contract with any, carry mosquito repellent along with.

6. No Street Food

That platter with fried rice and steam momos is no doubt a tempting option that one can’t resist. But, do you know that eating from the outside or the street foods is the main cause to catch an illness. Basically, the ingredients or oil they use might be harmful to your health. Hence, it is highly recommended that you consume only home-prepared hot food to keep yourself healthy. If not, make sure you visit only hygienic places that offer healthier food options.

7. Regular Workout is Important

Make stretching or minor workout a part of your daily activity. You can opt for various yoga pranayama to improve your breathing and stamina. Regular yoga or exercise not only helps you maintain a great posture but also improves the immune system to fight against diseases.

8. Increase the Intake of Vitamins

If possible, increase your intake of Vitamin C. You can take this as a supplement as well. Doing so will greatly increase your immune system and prevent various illnesses, especially cold and flu.

Quick Tips!

  • Apart from the aforementioned, the following tips are just for your knowledge:
  • Use sanitizer to clean your hands before and after eating
  • Use neat and clean washrooms to avoid genital infections
  • Always use mosquito repellent before stepping out
  • Wear fully-covered clothes
  • Drink excessive water
  • Get a sound sleep

Wrapping it Up!

Preventing illness during monsoon season is all about being aware of the dangers and knowing precautions to be taken. You can use floor cleaners regularly to keep the germs away. Make sure you take on board with these tips to not only prevent vector-borne illnesses but also other sudden health issues as much as possible during this season.

By : Seema Gurnani

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