They look Indian and have been here in the Bollywood Industry since they were really young but these 6 Bollywood celebrities have never ever voted during elections in India.

  • Imran Khan: He is a citizen of the United States of America by birth. When asked, Imran said, “Unfortunately, India doesn’t allow dual citizenship- at least till now. Efforts have been on to find a way out, but there hasn’t been any result. And my problem is that if I give up my UD passport, I will be required to pay 10 years’ tax in advance. So I don’t know what to do.”

  • Alia Bhatt : The ‘Shandaar’ actress holds a British passport. Alia acquired citizenship of the country, as her mother is of British origin. And since India doesn’t offer dual citizenship, Alia couldn’t vote last year. She can only vote if she gives up on her British passport.

  • Dipika Padukone: There’s no doubt that Deepika Padukone is Bollywood’s No. 1 heroine,  but whats surprising is that the actress is not an Indian citizen. The actress was born in  Copenhagen, Denmark and thus does not have a voter ID card.

  • Akshay Kumar: According to the reports, Akshay Kumar is investing big time in          Canadian properties. He is planning to have malls and hotels in Cananda. Sources suggest that Akshay has also acquired a Canadian passport.

  • Katrina Kaif: She was born to an English father and American mother in Hong Kong. From there, Katrina traveled to France when she was eight, and thereafter lived for a few months in Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, and other European countries. Katrina eventually moved to England where she lived for three years before migrating to India.

  • Sunny Leone: Even though Sunny Leone charmed her way into Bollywood, the actress doesn’t hold any Indian citizenship rights. Leone was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Sikh Punjabi parents.

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