Excited to be directly involved in the law and policy making

A 5th year B.A. LL.B (Hons.) student from MSU Baroda Vaishnavi Tiwari is selected for the LAMP FELLOWSHIP for the term 2021-2022. She is probably the first student from the university to be selected for the prestigious fellowship.

LAMP (Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament) Fellowship is a unique opportunity for fellows to observe law and policymaking from close quarters while being mentored by a Member of Parliament. They are mentored by a Member of Parliament (MP) and work full-time with the assigned MP during a given year, starting from the Monsoon session of Parliament till the end of the Budget session.

Vaishnavi who is in the final semester is selected for the fellowship which she consider as a stepping stone in her career. “As a youth it is a very big opportunity for me to get engage in the policy making and put forward our views. My primary role as a LAMP Fellow is to provide extensive research support to the MP for their parliamentary work. This includes drafting parliamentary questions, preparing the speeches for zero hour debates, raising matters of public importance, drafting private members’ bills and others,” said Vaishnavi.

She is excited to be directly involved in the law and policy making of the country and put forward our legal perspective. She said their work is primarily in technical area and not under any political party influence. “I have done internships in Delhi but parliament is something special as I am able to get directly involved in the policy making and also get chance to interact with other parliamentarians. I submit a policy essay on National Air Pollution Control Bill and if I get the chance to work in environment related issues then it’s good. However I am okay with other fields too as it is a stepping stone to my career as many times the MP’s recruit the fellows if they like the work,” said Vaishnavi.


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