The Uttrakhand cloudburst in 2013 badly shaken the 58 year old Bhupendrasinh Mehra to such an extent that he decides to spread the message of save enviornment and clean India mission all across the country. On his bicycle Mehra spreads the message of saving the enviornment for future generations and till date covered three states before reaching Vadodara. The cloudburst in Uttrakhand caused devastating floods and landslides which caused thousand of deaths during the natural calamity. He said the devastation caused due to playing with the enviornment and hence he decide to spread the message among people to save it for the future generations.

Originally hails from Dadayal Suyal village near Haldwani town in Nainital Bhupendrasinh Mehra started his cycle tour from Dehradun on 16th October 2017. The cycle expedition was flagged of by Uttrakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj.

“My mission is to save the enviornment for future generations and also the clean India mission started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Till date I covered the states of UP, MP, Maharashtra and reached Vadodara. My mission is well appreciated by the people and 4 lakh followers are there on my Facebook page,” said Mehra. He started his journey on a cycle from Dehradun and after covering UP, MP and Maharashtra reached Vadodara on Tuesday. From here he will resume his journey towards Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Delhi, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and ends at Uttrakhand.

“This is my 6th tour and this time I include the clean India mission started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The situation in UP and Maharashtra shook me up as the ground reality is something different in comparison to the cleanliness mission. After India I am planning to conduct a foreign tour and also to meet the Prime Minister,” said Mehra.

Mehra is fond of cycling and inspire the youth to accept it as the best way to keep themselves fit.


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