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Revisiting their roots with new perspective of sustainability combined with elegance and creativity

Over 50 designers will take the stage to showcase their designs in the fourth annual graduating fashion show Kairos 2019 ‘Ananta’ of Textile and Apparel Design, Institute of Fashion Technology, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. The students will be

highlighting traditional textile crafts of India where in designers are revisiting their roots with a  new perspective  of sustainability combined  with elegance and creativity.

The fashion show will primarily showcase 12 sequences by the graduating students. The collections are outcome of the work which the students have developed during the academic year under the guidance of Beena Santosh, Mitali Shah, Abir Saiyed and Shehwar Mohibi, Rinku Aggarwal. Their creations will be judged by well-known names in fashion luminary.

The collections that will take the ramp are,

‘Avartan’ celebrates tasteful Barmer Appliqué craft and plays along with its repetitive light and shadow patterns for creating enigmatic ensembles. The silhouettes incorporate ruffles and volume and the garments exhibit exuberance.

Nuktar, the designers are revisiting their roots and giving Gond  paintings a contemporary spin.The use of jute and denim give a modish look to the ensembles.

The third collection is  Saundh which  aims to bring to you the same nostalgia and soul enriching art experience from the itsy bitsy streets of Rajasthan . It aims to add drama and a element of surprise by making convertible garments, which will gives dabu a new facelift.

‘Taanposh’ is smart ,chic and a modern day collection of all black garments which can be mix and matched for creating different styles exuding oodles of grace.

Next is Devdhkasha it is the chic summer collection focuses on breezy, breathable and natural ‘balotra’ fabrics dyed with soft shades of Indigo and yellow.

The Garthika, in which bomkai sarees  are on a revival journey, have been the inspiration for the designers, who felt they can give a contemporary edge to these fabrics with their chic designs. The collection is focused on reincarnating the sarees into dresses.

Patched and sewn – ‘ralli’ a mesmerising fabric developed from the age old Indian method of quilting were made at home, from recycled and hand dyed cotton cloth.

“Syuta” is a all men collection minimal yet smart, colourful yet subtle. Designer’s brain child ‘Venika’ takes on ahir a eye catching embroidery and spins a tale of modern fashion steeped in tradition. Organza fabrics teamed with silk adds to the ostentatiousness of this embroidery.

Adyota the collection rejoices the delicate shimmering finery of mukaish art by conscientiously using it on fluid bias cut garments. The use of organza along with gathers and pleats give volume to the ensembles. The intricate Mukaish designs are revamped into a new fangled love for more wearable minimalistic clothing.

‘Anukathan’ is a collection that is very young in look telling a age old lore. Garments are made in people’s favourite fabric denim and the silhouettes are minimal in appeal.

Vayana’ is an attempt of using traditional textiles in a new avatar making it more meaningful and challenging, envisaged and designed with an international edge. The designers have resuscitated the dying ‘telia’ and exemplified it into jackets with a tasteful contemporary appeal to them

Ramyata is another collection which is a food for soul and a treat for the eyes. It brings the classic Indian saree centre stage. The use of silk fabric renders a sense of grandeur and magnificence. The blouses and cholis are given a complete swivel with use of modern cuts.

The annual show presents an opportunity for graduating students of Textile and Apparel Design to showcase their creative identities and their work processes as they begin their professional careers. The show will feature a range of collections, from highly conceptual garments to ready-to-wear, high-street designs and is an outcome of the team work under the guidance of Prof Anjali Karolia,(Director,IFT), Prof  Madhu Sharan (Associate Director) with the staff team Beena Santosh, Ms Mitali Shah, Isha Bharadwaj, Pooja Patel, Niharika Aikat, Abir Saiyed, Shehwar Mohibi , Tehmina Pathan .



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