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5 Reasons you should choose Olive Pomace oil for India cooking

5 Reasons you should choose Olive Pomace oil for India cooking

We Indians are emotionally connected with food, but that does not mean that we go beyond health aspects of it. Many tasteful recipes brought to life in our Indian kitchens require deep frying or stir frying. Yet, while we heartily cherish the taste, our health could fall prey to the harmful effects it may roll out. We may face health problems with few of the cooking oils like vegetable oils or hydrogenated oil they raise the total blood cholesterol level and the bad cholesterol LDL level.

After knowing the fact what should be the ideal choice?

It’s not like we can altogether do away with oil in our foods. Instead, we can choose the right kind of cooking oil that caters to our every need and becomes a trusted companion in our Indian kitchens. For this reason, cooking oils like Olive Pomace Oil becomes the healthier pick as it has attributes like high MUFA (Monosaturated fatty acid) content, trans-fat free, low absorbing quality, high smoking point, high oxidative stability, better spreadability and light in nature.

Food prepared in cooking oil with rich Monosaturated fatty acid content helps reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer because MUFA, also known as ‘good fat’ does not get deposited in arterial walls.

Studies suggest that olive oil forms a thin crust that protects the food from absorbing oil during deep frying

The low absorbing quality of Olive Pomace Oil makes it the quintessential cooking oil, which is both healthy and cost-effective.

Oil that can withstand much higher temperatures, compared to others, is the ideal choice. We should choose oils with high smoking point. When oil is heated to its smoking point, its nutritional properties get destroyed and it can sometimes produce potentially harmful substances. Oils with high smoking point retain natural nutritive compounds for longer periods of time, even during deep frying.

It has been shown that Pomace Olive Oil has high oxidative stability at temperatures as high as 1300 It does not react with oxygen when heated, which is good as it doesn’t form any harmful compounds when exposed to high heat.

Oils with better spread ability make for delectable flavours. So, it all boils down to the need for a healthy cooking medium, which is the key to savouring our favourite delightful treats for long years without guilt.

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