Wars are fought between the nations of the world for their own personal gain. Wars bring a lot of bloodshed, despair and also end up changing the entire look of the place. The aftermath of those wars has led to the emergence of peace organizations whose only work is to not allow the occurrence of such brutal wars one more time. These are the list of 5 wars that changed the face of the world.

  • World War 2

The war that was fought between 1939 to 1945 was one of the deadliest wars in World history. Several places in the world were devastated. Even the powers that had colonized the other third world countries had lost most of its resources. This war had let the poor nations out of the clutches and united the first world countries by introducing peace organizations, common monetary resources etc.,

  • World War 1

This war is also known as the Great War. It was fought between 1914 to 1918. The triple alliance comprising Britain, France and Russia had won their battle with Germany, Austria, Hungary,and Italy. The reason for the war is the fight for the plundered wealth and expansion of territory. The World War 1 claimed about 17 million lives and the League of Nations was formed at the end of this war. The League of Nations failed to maintain peace amongst the nations. This led to the World War 2.

  • China’s Manchu Conquest

This is one of those wars that actually helped the Qing Dynasty set a strong foot after defeating the Ming dynasty. More than 25 million lives were claimed and the Qing Dynasty ruled up to 1900’s till the formation of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Napoleonic Wars

Napoleon had been very successful in capturing various places of the world. France came under the power of Napoleon which the foreign powers did not seem to like. In 1812, Russia invaded and brought down the mighty rule of Napoleon.

  • Mongol Conquests

The Mongols are those who were known to capture any part of the world with their excellent army. It is also said that about 1 lakh Chinese men had committed suicide fearing that they might get killed at the hands of Mongols. The Mongols also captured Europe and held more than 20% of earth’s land.

These wars resulted in the fall of major countries and dynasties and the uprising of smaller yet powerful countries or alliances.