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5 apps that can keep you entertained all day long

5 apps that can keep you entertained all day long

In today’s technology ridden world, we hardly seem to take a stroll down the park or even go for a circus playing somewhere nearby. These things are of the past because now our perceived notion of what might entertain us is technology. It has drastically changed our way of being entertained and has made things accessible to us at the remotest places. With applications and games right in our pockets, nobody really looks for a football to kick around. But nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that at our epitome of boredom, these apps come to our rescue and entertains us; sometimes it keeps us hooked for an entire day.

Listed below are the apps that make it worth wasting time on.

  1. Snapchat

Personally, it is one of the best inventions to keep oneself entertained. And you will not have to watch someone else entertain you; you can watch yourself being transformed into a cute panda or maybe some animated animal. From videos, snaps (pictures), life stories and a huge range of filters that change day to day. This app has so much to offer.

  1. Coloring Book for Me and Mandala

This app is a coloring book but without paper and color pencils. It has a range of painting tools, multiple palettes and theme based designs that allows theuser to choose a design and fill them with beautiful colors. Nobody will judge you for not knowing how to blend because this app makes everyone an artist.

  1. Gaana Music

Oh yes! This app has to make it to the list. It is compatible withal the devices available and is the hub for latest to the oldest songs. One can select their preferred language and guess what they can avail to the songs of their language too.

  1. Hooked

By the name itself, one can get an overview of what the app has to offer. It has chat stories, by which I mean really thrilling and exciting ones. One has to continue tapping,and each tap will reveal the next chat reply. It is full of suspense and attracts everyone’s attention to the screen.

  1. Candy Crush

Don’t be judgmental, we all have been there, hooked tour phones, trying hard to complete levels and praying that the chocolate candy factory does not end up eating all the available candies to even play for. This game levels up with every win and makes it more difficult but keeps it interesting.

Got a smartphone and a lot of time to spare, download them as soon as possible. They are the new age entertainment.

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