The world famous 400 year old temple of Maa Harsiddhi, one amongst the Shaktipeeths of Hindu Mythology upholds glorious history associated with the Royal Family of Rajpipla.

Harsidhhi Mataji is believed to have enshrined Rajpipla compelled by deep faith expressed by then maharaja Shri Verisalji Maharaj. The temple is managed now by President, Hindu Devsthan Committee and Mamlatdar, Nandod. More than 200,000 tourists and devotees visit this temple every year.

The Hindu Devsthan Committee realises social responsibility and therefore sparked a mission called ‘Maa Sarawati Vandana’ in Maa Harsiddhi Temple to train tribal students for employability and career opportunity in state of the art ‘Training Centre’. The adjoining Gayatri Temple and the Harsiddhi Temple recognized Tourism Centre is an invaluable resources to arrange and manage trips in this district.


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