Filmaker Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra build toilets in the slums where he is shooting for his upcoming film. The filmmaker is shooting her upcoming movie ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ in Ghatkopar slum and now he is making toilets in the area.

Rakyesh get the permission from the local administration Brihan Mumbai Nagar Nigam (BMC) and now he will build 20 toilets in the area. Five toilets will be for women and men each and two will be in corporation schools for the teachers in Khandoba area. There is also a general toilet for the public which the filmmaker is going to build for the people of the area.

The film producer well known for films like Rang De Basanti and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is working with a non government organisation ‘Yuva Uunstoppable’ for last four years.

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While asking about the topic he said that his contribution is not even like one drop in the sea. He said that they not only built toilets but make sure that the people taking care of them while using them.

He said they are conducting meeting with the local councillors and request them to donate one rupee so that they can pay the community. Inspired with Gandhi Adarsh Sauchalaya at Sabamati Ashram Rakyesh Mehra built around 800 toilets till date. He said that the new toilets are good like private buildings and receive clean water through perfect pipeline and extension.

He said that the slum areas have Television sets, mobile phones but no toilets. During monsoon they forced to go to railway tracks for toilet. He said he read that a woman lost her life while she was answering nature’s call on the railway tracks and that forced him to think that is life is less valuable then toilet.

Rakyesh Mehra is shooting in a slum situated behind Powai lake where the male went to toilet near available pipeline. Mehra said that the population is increasing but the basic facilities are not progressing the way it has to be. He said the area receive water for only 30 to 45 minutes a day and they are planning to make a perfect toilet in the area.

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His film is based on four friends living in slums and one of the kid is willing to make toilet for his mother and for that he appealed to the Prime Minister.

The problem for Mehra is that all the slums are built on the land of BMC unauthorised. So he don’t built toilets legally in the areas as there is no pipeline and water available there.

However he said that he is working with the community and assured them. He said that he is working on a scheme to introduce a social card where the special person specially females give two hours to social work everyday. These two hour proves to be a big achievement for them.

The film ‘Mere Pyare Prime Minister’ is based on slums and highlighted the life inside it. The film will definitely proves to be a grand experience for the audience.



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