4.5 foot long crocodile rescued from road side near Kishanwadi area of Vadodara


Vadodara goes out of gear after monsoon rains lashed the city and many areas complained of waterlogging. However as water starts receding now crocodiles proves to be a big problem to deal with as they strayed inside the residential areas and prove threat to the people.

This year also incidents of crocodiles entered inside residential areas are reported from various areas of the city. Late last night on Thursday Raj Bhavsar from Gujarat SPCA & wildlife sos, received a call about a crocodile on the side from Kishanwadi to Ajbadi Mill road near Sudma Nagar. The crocodile was sitting on the side of the road and there is a main road immediately.

Act on the same two volunteers went there and saw 4.5 feet crocodile on road surrounded by lots of people. Meanwhile they also informed the forest department about the same. The crocodile was very aggressive in nature and after lots of effort the volunteers carefully and safely rescue it from the spot. The crocodile was then handed it over to Vadodara Forest Department.

Raj Bhavsar further request people to call on their helpline in such situations as crocodiles are frequent in this time as they strayed into residential areas with rain water and later visible after water level receeds.


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