Very well said by someone – ‘A day that starts well ends well’. The third day of Sayaji Startup Summit started with a positive environment at the pitching session and ended very nicely with the inspiring words of Vikas Chawda.

A lot of startups were presented in front of the jury on the third day of summit. The topics covered for pitching were Financial technology, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce & internet of things Startups. The teams gave their best to get selected for the second round where they would present themselves in front of the various investors.

The results of pitching are:


– Process Buy

– Make my Trans

– Raj Innomation

– Car Hunt

– Mobispy

– Elaundry

– Easy Cloud Consultants Pvt. Lt.

▷ Mentoring:

– Smart Diner

– Vegontouch Agrisoft

– Vihaan PV Solutions

– Dass Scientific Research Labs Pvt. Lt.

– Tymjoy

– We.code

– Delicious Bunny

– My Realket

▷ Accelerator:

– Send me the gift

– Need my Book

– Roommate

– Careup Plus


–  Gift Bond

After the pitching session was over the 2nd workshop of the Sayaji Startup Summit was organised from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The topic for workshop was “HOW TO INOVATE” and the spokesperson for the day was Vikas Chawda. He is an innovation expert at the National Innovation Council. He is also the founder and CEO of Quantum Leap.

He shared his great experience with the audience and the participants.

He encouraged innovation and explained the importance of it to all the members present there. He started by saying how India even after having a tremendous human power are unable to generate enough innovations in the form of patent. The number of patents for the year 2010-11 were only 1423.

He gave examples of China, Japan, etc. where the number of patents is huge with respect to its population. He said that all the innovations of the MNC’s and the RND facilities are done in India only and the patents on those innovations are done by the Indian Employees and the Indian Students but on the name of the MNC’s, and hence all the credit goes to those companies and not the employees or students. Due to which Indians do not get the credit.

He said having Idea is not important but to execute that in a proper way and making it a success is important. He quoted an important quote of sir Einstein. Innovation starts with the Ideas. Then he asked audience to ask their questions whose answers he would discuss.

The categories for fourth day’s pitching session are VR, AR, Robotics, Electronics, Defense & Aviation Startups. And the workshop will be of Advocate Avadhoot V Sumant who will speak on the topic Patent and Copyright.


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