Reached Vadodara to spread awareness in people and students

A 38 year old youth is on a mission to spread awareness about wearing helmets and riding through various states on his bullet.

Originally from Maharashtra Ansh P is a Delhi resident now and works as a professor. He is an avid rider and riding with his group regularly. In 2014 he comes up with the idea to spread social messages in people and aware people through riding.

He said every day more deaths are reported in road accidents and wearing helmets can save lives and families. To spread the message for wearing helmets he started a pan India ride on his bike from October 2018 from Delhi and till date spread awareness in 27 states, seven union territories. He meet people to teach them the benefits of wearing helmets during his ride. He specially met students of schools and colleges to make them understand the importance of helmets and they then ask their parents to wear it regularly as they are waiting for them at home.

He said to be spread messages in youths to continue riding but not forget to wear helmets. He visited Vadodara and happy to see the helmet wearing people. However he wish more people start to wear helmets and drive as they need to understand that someone is waiting for them at home.


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