On the auspicious day of “aashadh shukla dvitiya”, (“aashadi beej”), Sunday, June 25, 2017, lSKCON Baroda once again organizing the Jagannath Rathayatra Mahotsav (festival) for the thirty sixth consecutive year in Baroda.

As per the usual tradition, the Rathayatra procession will be inaugurated at the Baroda Railway station at 2:30 PM, with Mayor of Baroda Bharat Dangar inaugurate the procession by sweeping the road in front of Lord Jagannath’s Rath. It’s a tradition where the first citizen sweep the road just the Gajapati Maharaja of Puri does in Puri annually. The ancient tradition has been intact for centuries.

Like every year the Rathyatra attracts large number of people to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath goes out with sister Subhadra and brother Balbhadra for city darshan. People gathered all along the route of the Rathyatra to pay their respect to the Lord and seek blessings from them. Jagannath

Local, social and political leaders including local MLA’S Municipal Councilors, will also be present for the inauguration. Also present will be a number of life patron members and supporters of ISKCON along with large number of general public.

ISKCON leaders H.H. Bhakti Vikas Swami, ISKCON Gujarat Chief Sriman Jasomatinandan Das, Basu Ghosh Das, President of lSKCON Baroda, Sriman Deena Bandhu Das, senior ISKCON devotee and Vraj-lila Kathakaar, Sriman Bhaktivinod Das, President ofISKCON Chandigarh, Sriman Murlimohan Das, Temple President of ISKCON Vijayawada, Sriman Satchidananda Das, Temple President of lSKCON Vallabh Vidyanagar and Sriman Nityananda Ram Das Vice President ISKCON Baroda, will be attending the Rathayatra festival.

Like every year large number of devotees will be attending the Rathayatra festival from various parts of lndia. ISKCON Baroda Bhakti Vriksha and Iskcon Youth Forum (IYF) devotees, headed by Mantresh Gauranga Das, Ram Keshav Das, Nimai Nitai Das, Vamsidhari Das, Ram Govinda Das and Ram Gopal Das will distribute books throughout the Rathayatra procession.

Fifteen tons (15,000 kgs) of “halava” prasad, all cooked in “deshi ghee” will be distributed from four trucks moving behind the Rath cart. Later on at ISKCON Baroda, full plates of prasad will be distributed to approximately forty thousand visitors, and ISKCON life patron members.

The procession will proceed from the Railway station at 2:30 PM passing through Sayaji Bagh, Kalaghoda, Salatwada naka. Koti Kacheri, Raopura Main Road, Jubilee Bagh, Padmavati Shopping Center, Sur Sagar, Dandia Bazar, Khanderao Market, Lal Court/Nyaya Mandir, Madan Zampa Road, Kevda Bagh and end at the Baroda High School. opposite the Polo ground at around 8:00 PM.



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