Vadodara witness a spine chilling incident on Sunday morning after local people found a 2 yr abandoned girl near a temple. The girl wrapped in a shawl was abandoned by someone inside the compound of the temple.

The incident came to light in the Atladara area of Vadodara city where the 2yr girl was found inside the Verayi  Mata temple wrapped in a shawl. Someone abandoned the girl inside the temple might be late evening or night before the locals found her on early Sunday morning.

A vegetable vendor kaushik Gandhi regularly put his cart outside the temple rushed inside after heard someone crying and found the girl wrapped in a shawl. He picked the girl and try to find her parents but fails to trace anyone. Finally he informed the Manjalpur police about the incident.

The police and the locals reached the spot and provide milk and water to the girl and handover her to the police.

A couple lives in the village comes forward to legally adopt the girl in case the police don’t find their parents.



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