Speakers share their thoughts under the theme WHERE’S THE BOX.

The 2nd Edition of TEDxNUV concluded on Sunday, 24th March at Navrachana University where speakers from various fields share their expertise and knowledge to the students. The speakers put focus on various topics through talks and video presentation under the theme of WHERE’S THE BOX.

‘Thinking out of the box’ is taking the one to creativity and ideas but we never settle down to think about where the actual limitations of great ideas, great creativity and  great changes lie? To change the society, one can push themselves out of the comfort zones or as they say their own ‘Boxes’.

‘Box’ is a tool for measurement of one’s own limitation. However, the question lies, ‘How do we know what are those boundaries? How do we know where the box is imagined to be? Are those ideas to be confined within a box? ‘Where’s the box?’ suits perfectly for the speakers at the TEDxNUV 2019 as they are, ‘The changemakers’ of the society, who asked us ‘Where is the box?’.

Speakers this year in the TEDxNUV are experts in their field and make efforts to bring change for a better future. They share the same urgency in the students by motivating them through their talks.

1. Himanshu Agrawal speaks about Origami on the topic “The design process is much more intent than accident”.

Holder of 5 World Records in the art of Origami and India’s one of the best origami artists’, Himanshu Agrawal will share his knowledge about the traditional Japanese art form of Origami. This artwork consists of Crease patterns which are known as the ‘Blueprint’ for origami. Himanshu took years to learn and understand these crease patterns and developed some on his own. His talk would also include origami and applications in future technology.

His artwork is used in Online/Print/TV advertisements and visual merchandising. His passion of learning this beautiful art of folding papers led him to create an origami structure which was a 30 feet tall and 105 long  Montroll dinosaur and more of such massive paper structures.

2. Ansh Mishra ‘Allhabad’ Hitchhiker speaks on Hitchhiking for Humanity. Travelling tends to magnify all our emotions and exploring humanity is best done while you travel.
To prove the same and to break all the barriers of human limitations..a young man at his age of 28 went to explore out our great country doing hitchiking without spending a single money.

Ansh Mishra an MBA grad from Allahabad and a former HR professional went onto to a  thrilling journey of 254 days and reaching out to people of 28 States and 4 union territories of great Indian Nation.

Life is a new adventure each day and you learn and grow in it’s every moment. This what he is  trying to prove nowadays being an  entrepreneur at a South India cuisine restaurant based out of Vadodara with a emotional yet interesting  name as “Papa Maan Jao Na”

” This is my quest to explore humanity, which can’t be bought by money — just like happiness, memories, relationships, and experience”, says Ansh.

3. Abhinav Gangumalla a sustainable farmer
speak on What happens on the road less travelled?
Abhinav Gangumalla is serial entrepreneur working in the area of sustainability. Trained as a civil engineer, he forayed into the field of sustainability by starting an Organic store and delivering services like large scale rain water harvesting projects. He has expertise in organic waste composting and a foray into recycling was thus a natural progression.

The topic What i learnt on the road less travelled! All my childhood and education went exactly the way the typical Indian society would want it. It had the underlying tone of, “if you study well, you will settle well”. I swore by it and managed to be a gold medalist during my engineering and a 9 pointer during my Masters from IIT Bombay. Took the corporate path for an year, wasn’t content and then one fine day i decided to travel the road less travelled and i dived into the world of sustainability in 2010 at the age of 24 (crashing the dreams of telugu society of going abroad and huge dowry). In 2019 when i reflect on the journey of the last decade, i feel it deserves to be shared with everyone who has the desire to be different and realise who they are and make a positive difference to the world around them. What did the path less travelled expose me to?

4. VIRAL JOSHI a expert in recording birds voices speaks on Looking at the Birds through your Ears.

His speech would be on ”Looking at the birds through your ears.” and from his experience in wild more than 6 years, he would be talking about the identification of the birds just by their calls. The whole session would be an interactive session in which the sounds would be played and the audience would be just closing their eyes and guessing the common birds around them adding on to it the basic techniques of identification of the birds would be  talked on.

5. Juin Dutta a Social Worker speaks on Transformation through Language of Love.
She said how language of love can transform the children of underprivileged section of society and how do they react positively once they feel that they are loved and given respect. I may share a few first hand experiences of me and my co teachers who are engaged in teaching the students of . underprivileged children through Pathshala. I will share a few experiences, which would talk about the value system which we know the best and how one needs to unlearn certain things to understand their point of views.

6. Soumabrata Moulick speaks on The art and science of seeing. He is a nature lover at heart, engineer by qualification and a photographer by choice. He says, I have been pursuing photography for over 8 years and have got my works published in various national/international magazines and websites. With experience of shooting a plethora of subjects ranging from bollywood events to candid wedding shoots, my true love lies with nature and I firmly believe in the following words: “Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” -Vincent Van Gogh.



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