Gifted a Mural art showcasing the identity of the city

29 artists from Eighteen countries are busy in giving a beautiful gift to Vadodara city. They are giving final touches to the mural art taking shape inside the ST bus terminal.

For the last two days the central bus terminal is buzzing with activities as the artists from different countries are busy making an art piece for the city. They draw the art piece on one of the walls of the terminal which they called a gift to the cultural city. From the iconic Sayajirao Gaekwad riding his horse to the Banyan trees from which the city gets its name and the crocodiles of Vishwamitri, the artists present the identity of the city in the mural through their art.

On invitation of Vadodara collector Shalini Agrawal the artists from 29 countries visit the city to gift their art piece to the people as a memorabilia. For 5th January to 5th February the artists from Argentina, Chile, Italy, UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Belgium, Rwanada, Uganda and other countries are on a visit to the state. Master in arts like painting, mosaic, mural, sculpture they are sharing their experiences in Gujarat through their art and lives in Kutch. They visit the state on invitation in Global Art Festival organise by E.Magination designs and Gujarat tourism.

“It’s been a month we are in Gujarat and visited many historical places during our stay as part of Global Art Festival. This is our last part of the tour in Vadodara and we all want to give the art piece to the people of the city. Gujarat is such a wonderful city rich in culture and we artists experience the same during our stay here and now take back the memories with us,” said Mieke fleurackers from Belgium.

The crocodile work by Lesley Chang from UK is one of the attractions as the city is also known as home for the reptiles.

On Monday collector Shalini Agrawal also met the artists and appreciate their work.

The mural art shows the identity of the city and supported by local artists like Bakulesh Joshi, Anuj Poddar, Avinash Gondaliya, Hardik Parmar, Bhavya Dharmani, Shaily Patel and Hemakshi Vala.


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