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276 people did 108 Suryanamaskar in Vadodara

276 people did 108 Suryanamaskar in Vadodara

On the eve of International Yoga Day a unique event was organized in Vadodara where 275 people including five foreigners did 108 Suryanamaskar and entered their name in the Limca Book of Records. Starting in the Brahmamuhurat the whole area around was buzzing with the 9 mantras of Suryadev with 108 Suryanamaskar present a beautiful and unique ambience.


A precursor of International Yoga Day celebrated every year on 21st June the event proves to be a great attraction in the morning with people from 12 to 75 years age group perform Suryanamaskar in orange t shirts. Organised by Yog Niketan total 276 participants completed 108 Suryanamskar collectively equal to 29,808 Suryanamaskar and 357696 steps. All the participants took training for 50 days before the event.


“With the help of 10 instructors I trained all the 276 participants for 50 days before perform it on a day before the International Yoga Day. This is the unique event where participants from 12 to 76 years took part and done Suryanamaskar. Five foreigners from Netherland, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Stonia also is the part of the group and all did 108 Suryanamaskar in 117 minutes. This time I challenged with surface and performed on solid stone surface,” said Maripelly Praveen Yoga instructor in Yog Niketan.


Every year on 21st June International Yoga Day is observed all across the world and Yog Niketan in Vadodara organize various programmes during that time. This year also the Yog Niketan conduct and organize various programmes from Ist June to 19th June and as part of that 276 people done Suryanamaskar on the eve of International Yoga day.


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