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    27 December – Know your today’s horoscope

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    Aries : Start meditation and yoga for physical gain especially mental toughness. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. You will have difficulty in getting your point across to people who matter the most in your life. Thoughts of meeting your friend after a long time may increase your heat beats like a rolling stone. Today you will receive recognition for the work you have done. Students of this zodiac sign will waste their time majorly on TV or mobile phone more than required. This will lead to wastage of time. Your spouse will come to you with some beautiful words today describing your value in his/her life.

    Taurus : Health will be perfect despite a hectic day. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. Good day to communicate with people whom you rarely meet. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. Your partner will be hard to deal with. Today, you can get involved in an argument with someone without any reason. Doing so will spoil your mood as well as waste your precious time. People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again.

    Gemini : Health will be fine despite some mental pressures. Those who are married may have to spend a lot of money on the education of their children today. Evenings with friends will be highly entertaining and filled with pleasure. Resolve your long-standing quarrel today as tomorrow may be very late. Keep away from signing any new joint ventures and partnerships. Amidst your busy life, you will get enough time for yourself today and be able to do your favorite things. Laziness of your partner might disturb many of your tasks today.

    Cancer : Tooth ache or stomach upset may create some problems for you. Take a physician’s advice to get relief immediately. Well-established and known businessmen of this zodiac sign are required to invest their money very thoughtfully today. Joyful time with family and friends You are likely to be dazzled by some natural beauty today. Controversies or office politics; you will rule on everything today. Today, some of your friends can come over to your house and spend time with you. However, it won’t be good for you to consume toxic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes etc. during this time. Your life-partner will put a lot many efforts today for you to make you the happiest.

    Leo : Blood pressure patients could take the help of red wine to lower their blood pressure and keep cholesterol under control. It will further relax them. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. Family members will hold a special place in your life. Cupids are rushing toward you with the shower of love in your life. All you need is to be aware of what is happening around. Partnership projects will create more problems than positive results- You will be especially angry with yourself for allowing someone to take advantage of you. Make changes that could enhance your appearance and attract potential partners. Today, your spouse will make you feel that you are the only one in the world.

    Virgo : Friends supportive and will keep you happy. Financial position will improve through speculation or unexpected gains. Use your spare time in beautification of your house. You family will really appreciate it. Cupids are rushing toward you with the shower of love in your life. All you need is to be aware of what is happening around. Good day for retailers and wholesalers. Outstation travel will not be comfortable-but will help build important contacts. You will have a stressful relationship with your spouse and there might be serious discord that will last longer than it should.

    Libra : Realize your true potentials as you are not lacking strength but will. Wise investments will only fetch returns- therefore be sure where you put your hard-earned money. This period is also good for taking your parents into confidence regarding your new projects and plans. May be disappointed in love but don’t lose heart as lovers are ever sycophantic. Your calculated steps in profession will be rewarded. It will enables you to complete the project on time. It is right time to take new projects also. Those who were very busy for the last few days will finally get to enjoy their own time. After a bad phase of misunderstanding, the day will bless you with the love of your spouse in the evening.

    Scorpio : Your kind nature will bring many happy moments today. Economically, today is going to be a mixed day. You can acquire monetary profits today, provided you word really hard. An old contact might create some problems for you Unexpected romantic inclination will cloud your mind towards the evening. The most irritating person of your team at work might become suddenly intellectual today. Rituals/hawans/auspicious ceremonies will be performed at home. Life will be really exciting when your spouse will come to you forgetting all the tiffs, embracing you with love.

    Sagittarius : Your jolly nature will keep others happy. Keep your anger under control and treat everyone in the office nicely. Deviating from this path can cost you your job, thereby directly deteriorating your financial situation. Someone you trust will not be telling you the whole truth-Your ability to convince others will help you solve coming problems. Today, you will plan an outing with your lover, but due to some important work showing up, you won’t be able to go. This can lead to a heated argument between you and your beloved. Your stars will give you extraordinary powers today- so take decisions that are important and crucial for long term gains. Pleasure trip will be satisfying. You must be knowing the health benefits of hug. You will get enough today from your spouse.

    Capricorn : If you haven’t been taking sufficient rest then you will feel extremely tired and will need extra rest. Today, you will be able to earn money without any help or assistance. A good day to revive old contacts and relations. Sudden romantic encounter will lift your spirits. New ventures will be alluring and promise good returns. While keeping up with time, giving importance to your family members is necessary. Even though you will understand this today, but still won’t be able to succeed. Lack of support from your better half in a tough time will lead you to disappointment.

    Aquarius : For a contented life improve your mental toughness. Your idea of saving money for yourself can be accomplished today. Today you will be able to save appropriately. Good time to get involved into activities that include youngsters. Today, you will want to share your life struggles with your partner. However, instead they will start narrating their own problems, which will upset you more. Joint ventures made today would be beneficial eventually, but you will face some major opposition from partners. You will not mind what people think of you today. Rather, you will prefer not meeting anyone in your spare time and enjoy the solitude. A tiff is possible today due to relatives, but at the end of the day everything will be resolved beautifully.

    Pisces : You must take complete rest to recharge your body otherwise the fatigue could cause pessimism in you. Today, you can take your family members out for a get-together and spend a lot of money on them. Family function would make new friends. But be careful in your selection. Good friends are like a treasure you always want to preserve. You must convey your message to your sweetheart as it may be very late tomorrow. Your work will be appreciated at work. Communication will be your strong point today. You will refresh the old beautiful days of courtship, chasing, and wooing in your married life.


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