Vadodara city is famous for its historical temples and one of them is Mairan Ganpati which is about 250 years old. Situated near Wadi Mahadev Talav the temple also known as Ghundiraj Ganpati. The temple also has a basement and it is said that once there was lots of assets inside. Shree Mairan Ganpati was installed by late Gopalrao Mairan donate Navkoti to Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad and hence it was also known as Navkoti Narayan.

Ashutosh Mairan the organiser of the temple said that the temple is spread in the area of 2100 square foot and having a huge basement beneath. But no one went inside it for years and it was said that there is lots of assets inside the basement. He further said that their ancestor late Gopalrao Mairan was Diwan in the Darbar and donated Navkoti to Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad. Navkoti means today’s 9 crores donated to the Maharaja. It was also said that from gold and other ornaments were gifted to Maharaja from Wadi Mairan Ganpati to Mandvi Nazarbaug, and for that it was also known as Navkoti Narayan.

Dr. Ashutosh Mairan further said that this is their seventh generation serving the lord and the temple is like a Haveli. The two floor temple is made from Saag, Sisame Aaraspaan stone. The built of the temple is of Hemalpanthi style and the engraving is wonderful. Two fountains are inside the temple premises with a separate temple of Mushak Maharaj. Inside the temple Lord Ganpati is there with the full family and the temple is of special importance which is rare in present time.

He said that the late Gopalrao Mairan installed 21 Ganpati temples including Wadi Ganpati temple, Shree Siddhivinayak in Shinor, Shree Siddhanath in Rajmahal road Vadodara, Girgaon Mumbai. Every evening with the sound of Shehnai the aarti is performed inside the temple and the third generation of Gurav family play the instrument.

It is also popular belief that the one who visit five Tuesday’s in the temple, his or her wish is fulfilled by Shree Mairan Ganpati. In Sankat Chauth and Vinayak Chaturthi devotees thronged inside the temple and the Abhishek is done with the donation amount. The temple is the big center of belief for the devotees.