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    25 April – Know your today’s horoscope

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    Aries:Your swift action will motivate you. To achieve success-change your ideas with time. This would broaden your vision-widen your horizon-improve your personality and enrich your mind. Incase you are looking for ways to make little extra money- invest in secure financial schemes. Your timely help would save someone’s life. The news would make your family members proud and would also inspire them. Romantic entanglement will add spice to your happiness. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. Today, you will realize that your marriage had never been so beautiful. Gardening may give you feeling of relaxation – it is important for environment too.

    Taurus : You will have to make important decision today- which will make you tensed and highly nervous. Businessmen today may incur losses in their trade. Also, you may have to spend money to improve your business. Health of an infant might cause some concern. Love life going to take a turn for the better as you develop a good Sports is an important part of life, but do not get too much involved that it affects your education. Your spouse will come to you with some beautiful words today describing your value in his/her life. If you have a melodious voice, then you can make your lover happy today by singing a song for him/her.

    Gemini : Your generous attitude would be a blessing in disguise as you are likely to be liberated from many vices like doubt, disloyalty, depression, lack of faith, greed, attachment, egoism, and jealousy. Improvement in finances is certain. Children could disappoint as they fail to live upto your expectations. You need to encourage them to see your dream fulfilling. Your sweetheart is going to become your living angel today; cherish the moments. Your sense of humor will be your greatest asset. Marriage is a blessing, and today you are going to experience it. You might watch a movie online with your life-partner or friends and chrish the experience.

    Cancer:Friends will introduce you to somebody special who would have a remarkable influence on your thoughts. Today, you can take your family members out for a get-together and spend a lot of money on them. The time requires you to understand that anger and frustration would only hamper your sanity. This in turn would lead you towards a grave loss. If you are going out to hang out with your lover and spend some beautiful moments together, then be careful about the clothes you are wearing. Not abiding by this can annoy your beloved. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. After a bad phase of misunderstanding, the day will bless you with the love of your spouse in the evening. You will remain calm at heart, which is why you will be able to create a good atmosphere at home.

    Leo: Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule but don’t take your life for granted realize that the care for life is the real vow. All the money you had invested in the past to make your future prosperous will reap fruitful results today. Children demand attention but bring happiness. Plan something special for the evening and try to make it as romantic as possible. Avoid getting friendly with people who waste your time. Your married life is all about fun, pleasure, and bliss today. Peace of mind is important; you might visit a park, riverfront or a temple to enjoy it.

    Virgo : Today’s entertainment should include sports activities and outdoor events. Your idea of ​​saving money for yourself can be accomplished today. Today you will be able to save appropriately. If you are planning to have a party then invite your best friends- There will be lot of people who will be cheering you up. Give tiny bits of kindness and love to make it a special day. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. Today, you will forget all the hardships of your life with the love of your spouse. Today, your personality can disappoint people, which is why you need to change your approach and introduce some positive changes in your life and nature.

    Libra : A beneficial day and you may be able to find relief from a prolong illness. Stick to your budget to avoid financial constraints. People close might take undue advantage of you- if you behave extra generous. Sudden romantic encounter may confuse you. The day is good. Hence, along with others, you will be able to make some quality time for yourself. You may doubt the sincerity of your sweetheart, which will ruin the glory of your married life in coming days. Today, there is an expected rise in your wealth. An investment made in the past can be the reason for this hike.

    Scorpio :Your personality will act like a perfume today. Good day for real estate and financial transactions. For some- a new arrival in the family brings in moments for celebration and party. Power of love gives you a reason to love. The day is great. Take time out for yourself today and evaluate your shortcomings. This will bring positive changes in your personality. Your spouse is truly your angel, and you will know this today. You will understand the significance of delicious dishes and cuisines, as some can get prepared at your house today.

    Sagittarius :Do no eat exposed food as it can make you sick. You will make money if you put your savings into conservative investments. A better understanding with your spouse brings in happiness-peace and prosperity at home. Love is limitless, love is boundless; you must have heard these things before. But today, you will experience it. Amidst your busy life, you will get enough time for yourself today and be able to do your favorite things. Life is going to be really wonderful today because your spouse has planned something special. Stars indicate that you might spend a major chunk of your time in watching television.

    Capricorn : As food owes its flavour to salt-some unhappiness is essential only than you realize the value of happiness. Simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. Relatives would try to take undue advantage of your extra generous behaviour. Control yourself otherwise you might be deceived. You must remember generosity to some extent is good but if it crosses a limit it might create some problems. Being revengeful towards your lover will not bring any result-rather you should keep a cool head and explain your true feelings to your lover. You may suddenly have to go on an unwanted journey today, due to which your plan to spend time with family may get spoiled. Your spouse might push you to go out when you are in no mood or vice versa, which will eventually make you feel irritated. Today, you may realize an old mistake of yours and become upset because of that.

    Aquarius :Your childlike nature will surface and you will be in a playful mood. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. Your interference in wife’s affairs could make her frenzy. Take her permission to avoid temper flare up. You can easily avoid the problem. Likely to be rewarded for fair and generous love. Tension filled day when several differences might crop up with close associates. Today you will know the true ecstasy of being married. Unemployed natives may find it difficult to land the desired job. Hence, you need to work harder and increase your efforts.

    Pisces :Argument with a quarrelsome person may spoil your mood. Be wise and if possible avoid it, as feuds and fusses will never help you. Your unrealistic planning will lead to paucity of funds. Safeguard your interest when dealing with friends- business associates and relatives- as they might not be considerate to your needs. Today, you will not be able to fulfill any of your promises, which can make your lover grumpy. Today, you will be able to take out time for yourself from your packed schedule, but due to some urgent official work, your plans will fail. Your plans might get disturbed due to an unexpected guest, but it will make your day. After quite a long time, you may be able to replenish your quota for the sleep. Afterwards, you are going to feel very relaxed and invigorated.


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