River Dam built by Garudeshwar also overflows

Gujarat has been forecast to receive heavy rainfall for three days, heavy rains have been raining since last day. Continuing water revenue by releasing 4 lakh cusecs of water from the dam. The open Narmada river was releasing 5,52,290 cusecs of water, while on Tuesday the water level of Sardar Sarovar Narmada Dam reached historic level. Water level has  reached 133.97 m. 23 gates kept 3.70 m open and 5,52,290 cusecs of water were released in Narmada river. Water is earning upto 6,13,297 cusecs The live storage of water in Sardar Sarovar is 4335 million cubic meters. The 1200 MW river bed power house is operational for 24 hours while 3 units of 250 MW canal head power house are operational. Bharuch area has been affected due to the release of 5,52,290 cusecs of water from the dam. The dreaded  24 foot surface of Bharuch golden bridge has raised upto 50M.

As a result, about 20 villages along the Narmada river bank have been alerted by the system. At present, when the Narmada becomes Ganditur, the white breeze near Kevadia has sunk. Due to this, 8 villages have been affected and 26 villages along the Bharuch, Narmada and Vadodara areas have been cautioned. On the other hand, the river dam built near Garudeshwar in the Narmada river also has overflown . The river dam overflows. There has been a pleasant atmosphere after this situation occurred .


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