Kripa foundation Vadodara organised a awareness programme for International Day Against Drug Abuse at the railway station. The volunteers of the foundation stand with posters and leaflets to spread the message of say no to drugs for healthy living.

Kripa foundation organised the awareness programme to give message of drug abuse in people. Every year 26th June is celebrated as International Day Against Drug Abuse by the United Nations. Based on that the organization here in Vadodara tries to spread the message among people with their own silent way and through posters and leaflets.

As per the 2017 World Drug Report 250 million people in the world is into drugs and out of them 12 million injected themselves. Where 6.1 million is suffering from Hepatitis C, 1.6 from HIV and 1.3 from both.

The Kripa foundation spread the message through posters and leaflets about Say no to drugs and listen first which is the theme of this year