India to play with Sri Lanka in 44th match of 2019 world cup

Four semi final teams are confirmed for the 2019 world cup. Australia, India, England and New Zealand are through to semis and who play with whom will be decided today. India and Sri Lanka clash at Leeds while Australia and South Africa will play at Manchester in 45th match of the tournament.

India has the edge over Sri Lanka and if they win and Australia lose to South Africa then India reach to top position in the points table. If that happens then India will play against New Zealand and if Australia wins against South Africa today then India will play against England in semi finals.

The middle order of Indian team is quite a worry for the management and the form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also a concern for the team. In such situation all the burden is now on both the openers to give a solid start and a platform for the next batsmen to come and continue the rhythm.


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