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2 year old son of the nurse in Vadodara's Gotri hospital eagerly waiting for her return to home

2 year old son of the nurse in Vadodaras Gotri hospital eagerly waiting for her return to home

Kept him with his grandmother, not able to meet her son for the last one month due to the second peak of Corona

Annie Christian, who lives in Vadodara, is a nurse in Gotri hospital and has been involved in the duty since the beginning of the Covid crisis. At present, she is constantly praying about no one falls ill and no one gets corona.

However apart from her duties her heart melts when her two year old son asked when are you coming? Why don't you come? So it is difficult to explain. Annie keep her son with her grandmother for his safety since the beginning of the crisis. The couple has not been able to visit their son for a month.

On the other hand, elderly patients undergoing treatment in the ward, who are not aware of the corona infection, ask them, "Why don't our relatives come to see us?" Thus, these people are doing the work of persuading their own child and elders just like a child with medicine and essence care. She visits patients who are in critical condition, lovingly touches their bodies, and prays to God for their well-being.

Annie said, prayer and a spiritual atmosphere give courage and strength. She constantly pray for the safety of patients, doctors and all the health colleagues, both at home and in church. He relieve the patient's pain by talking to them while taking medication or other care. She gives them the necessary understanding, including taking the medicine on time. She further added that, often when they make a video call from their phone to the patients to talk to the family, the patients feel very relieved and they also feel the joy of doing something good.

Doctors in the ward are also seen bathing such elderly patients and nurses help in feed them. This family like care gives great relief to patients experiencing loneliness. They do everything possible for them through the essence of medicine, healing and intimate care.

At present, nurses, doctors, and other caregivers all have to keep a safe distance from their children and families. This has been the situation for almost a year and a half, but, without giving up, these people are doing life saving efforts with heart and mind. Only with their courage the fight against this stubborn disease be won.

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