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18th Annual Concert of Gujarat Public School Baroda

18th Annual Concert of Gujarat Public School Baroda

Theme was Books the real source of knowledge

Books are said to be the real source of knowledge and a true friend. But somehow in this digital world people are much into the aggressive usage of Internet and technologies and books and libraries are ignored especially by the students.

On the same theme on love the books, Gujarat Public School present their '18th Annual Concert' where students present a musical drama to turn our attention towards it. In this Mega Concert almost 500 students from class I to V took part in various art forms and trying to make the society aware about the importance of the books, benefits of reading and through the library scenes budding artists exhibiting the same message.

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Through this musical drama the students try to prove that books are our friends and it has lt’s own magic to impart knowledge. We have strong evidence that formerly our ancestors were obtaining the knowledge from different kinds of books. The students are also put efforts to make aware the society about the relevance of removing article 370 from our constitution and it shows the dream of United India which was put forwarded by the great leader Sardar Patel.

Through different art forms and colourful dances the students covered almost all the fields such as education, Science and culture.

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