Congress protest against the demonetisation in Vadodara


During the protest against the demonetisation Congress supporters clashed with Vadodara police while they approached the sports minister home in the morning. The female members showed bangles to the police and protest the government decision.


On Sunday the Congress supporters approached and encircled the house of state sports minister Rajendra Trivedi. During that time the female members clashed with the police and showed them bangles as part of their protest against demonetisation. Police detained around 50 female congress members from the spot.


The Congress are protesting all over the state against the central government decision to ban the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. On Sunday on their third day of protest they decided to approached and protest in front of the Ministers, MP, MLA’s home and hence reached Sports Minister Rajendra Trivedi house.


But before they reached they were stopped by the police and there was clash between the female members and police as the females forcefully entered inside and gate. As per the sources there was no female police present at the spot so the female congress members showed bangles to the police present there. The female members encircled the minister house but he was not present inside the house. Later the police detained around 50 female members of Vadodara Congress.


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