The Resurgent India Quiz Contest aims to make the citizens of India especially the students and youth profound about the India’s contribution to the world in various fields, Life – works of great characters in India and their message, the Indian democratic system & constitution, glorious cultural heritage & tradition, varied geography & natural resources as well as current affairs & policies for the people. This quiz will be a source of knowledge for the participants that will inspire them to contribute in this pathway to a New India.

On the occasion of National Youth Day, Bhavya Bharat Foundation organised Resurgent India Quiz Contest, which is an online Quiz contest with the theme of ‘Swami Vivekananda: Life, Work & Message’ from 5th January 2021 to 12th january 2021 which consisted of 20 questions related to the theme in english language which had to be answered within 400 seconds time limit. The questions were related to Swami ji’s thoughts, thoughts of great Indian leaders on him, his books, places associated with him and similar topics which could inspire the youth to contribute more towards society and country based on their knowledge and skills in their future.

More than 18600 people participated from 24 states across the country where more than 11900 were youth and students. More than 10300 people participated from Gujarat out of which more than 7100 were the youth/student participation. Apart from citizens of India, more than 2500 NRIs also participated in the quiz from 4 countries which included more than 1860 Indian students studying abroad.

Each question carried 5 marks, in which Divita Pahwa answered 19 questions correctly within 184 seconds and scored 95 marks to secure first position. Ved patel answered 18 questions correctly and scored 90 marks to secure second position and Shrey Patel answered 16 questions correctly and scored 80 marks to secure third position in this quiz. From the over all participants, only 62% participants were able to complete this quiz contest successfully within the given time limit. All the participants will be awarded certificates and top 100 participants along with winners will be facilitated in an virtual award ceremony on 13th January 2021.


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