On Tuesday a youth committed suicide from a dupatta inside his home at Harni Warasiya ring road. The family of the youth was in shock as they lost their second son in a year. Earlier seven months ago on Dhuleti his younger brother was drowned inside Narmada river at Poicha.

According to the information 5 Gayatri nagar resident Kalidas Maachi has two sons and the younger one was drowned in Narmada river at Poicha on Dhuleti day. It was noted that on Dhuleti four youths from Gayatri Nagar died after drowned in Narmada river at Poicha.
Now after seven months his 18 years old elder son Jayesh alias Jaylo committed suicide with the dupatta for unknown reasons. After lost their two sons the family is now shattered.


Jayesh was working in a Nair shop at Warasiya ring road. On Tuesday his father and sister who are working in a private hospital went to their jobs and his mother was alone at home. Jayesh was also at home because he was not feeling well.

However in the evening Jayesh committed suicide in the first floor of their house from the dupatta of his sister. Jayesh uncle went his home to call him and his mother went to the first floor to call him but she was stunned to see her son’s body hanging with the ceiling.

She shouted for help and Jayesh uncle Mahesh Bhai and the locals rushed to the spot and take down Jayesh and took him to the hospital. But the doctors declared him dead and the family was stunned to hear that. Balod police rushed to the spot after the matter and send the body of Jayesh to SSG hospital for Postmortem.

However the reason for Jayesh to commit suicide is unknown but his friends predict that the shock of losing his younger brother seven months ago and also the marriage of his sister might be the reason to take this major step.