Contains tips on gardening inside and outside home

In today’s world people are living in cluster societies and it’s very tough for a nature lover to develop a garden in such congested place. A 15 year old boy in Vadodara comes up with a book specially on gardening inside and outside home.

Rishi Shah completed his 10th from Navrachana International School and published his maiden book on tips of gardening. A small school project inspired him to develop a garden and later shaped in form of a book.

“I always has a passion of gardening since childhood and it’s my first love. I made a school project on gardening and my teacher asked me to write a book on it and from there the process starts,” said Rishi.

The book talks about various topics like the enviornment,  beautify the garden, add magic to the green space, care for plants and others. The knowledge he gets from internet,  his mother a nature lover,  Grand mother and others.

“The contents in the book are simple and easily understandable to everyone. It teaches how to develop a garden inside the house, in lobby and after care. Mainly it is about develop a green space in a short space inside the house,” said Rishi.


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