Follow their passion alongside their family responsibilities

Vishakha Prajapati the mother of 14 months old boy became inspiration for the upcoming artists passionate about their work. The artist from Vadodara carrying her baby to the workplace and complete her rangoli to be displayed in the annual exhibition of Shree Aditya Fine Arts during Diwali.

For past many years SAFA organised rangoli exhibitions just before the Diwali festival showcasing various subjects including the current topics. This year the rangoli artists prepare paintings in various topics including the Statue of Unity which is going to unveil by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31st October his birth anniversary.

Other topics highlights the exhibition this time are tribute to Sridevi, Pokharan Nuclear testing by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Kala Ottam festival from South, Greek Mythology, black and white and some pictures for the children.

“This is our 6th exhibition and the main aim is to provide the students of SAFA a platform to showcase their art. Total 15 artists and five co artists showcase their rangolis inspired from various topics. Each work displayed at the exhibition show the passion and vision of the artist towards the subject,” said Rajendra Dindorkar mentor of the students.

Every artists put lots of efforts to make the rangolis which included 70 to 80 hours behind every picture. One of the artist inspired the most is Vishakha Nakhashi carrying her 14months old baby to the studio for the rangoli and fulfilling her duties as mother and artist.

“It’s really challenging for me to pursue my passion alongside my duties as a mother of 14months old baby. The support of my family and husband is great as he was there to take care of the baby while I was preparing the rangoli. As a mother my whole attention was towards the baby as sometimes we work late past midnight to complete the rangoli. This time I choose abstract and I must say this rangoli is special for me,” said Vishakha.



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