15 February- Know your today’s horoscope


Aries: Elders need to put their extra energy into positive use to reap good benefits. You should look twice at investment schemes that are presented to you today. You would be the center of attraction at a social gathering that you attend today. Do not doubt the fidelity of your beloved. Good news most likely from a distant place expected by late evening. If you were craving for the love of your spouse, the day will bless you. Do not spend your time in unnecessary things, rather try to learn a new language – it will even help you be a better conversationalist.

Taurus : Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for you- as you set about to enjoy life to the fullest. If you are planning on hanging out with your friends, then spend money thoughtfully, as you are likely to suffer from money loss. For some- a new arrival in the family brings in moments for celebration and party. Don’t give up to emotional demands of your lover. Your ability to help those in need will bring you respect. Some of your works might get hampered today due to the disturbed health of your spouse. Today, the natives living far from their family will dearly miss their homes. In this case, you can talk to your family members to lighten up your mind.

Gemini : Some physical changes that you do today will definitely enhance your looks. Investment should be avoided today. Unexpected good news will lift your spirits. Sharing the news with your family members would also rejuvenate them. Romance rules your heart. Natives of this zodiac sign will get plenty of time for themselves today. You can use this time to fulfill your desires, read a book or listen to your favorite music. Do you think that married life is all about compromises? If yes, you will know today that it’s the best thing ever happened to you. You might watch a movie online with your life-partner or friends and chrish the experience.

Cancer: Chances of your recovering from physical illness are high which will enable you to participate in sports competition. Your money comes to your work only when you stop yourself from spending extravagantly, today you can understand this thing well. It is high time to change your dominating attitude in family. Work in close cooperation with them to share the ups and downs of life. Your changed attitude will give them unlimited joy. Don’t wear those clothes which your lover doesn’t like as it may offend him. Nothing is impossible as long as there’s a will to overcome it. You might get annoyed with your spouse over the grocery shopping. Sitting beneath a tree’s shade will mentally and physically relax you and make you realize the lessons of life.

Leo: Stress need not be ignored. It is rapidly becoming an epidemic as serious as tobacco and alcohol Your idea of saving money for yourself can be accomplished today. Today you will be able to save appropriately. A family get-together will see you occupy the center stage. Try to coax your partner into understanding, otherwise you might get in trouble. Today, you will be able to take out time for yourself despite the busy schedule, and use it well by spending time with your family. It might become the best eve of your life with your spouse today. It is going to be a day with more religious activities such as visiting a temple, offering something to needy and practicing meditation.

Virgo : Friends will introduce you to somebody special who would have a remarkable influence on your thoughts. Businessmen who are stepping out of their homes for work should store their money at a safe place today, as there are chances of theft. Your interference in wife’s affairs could make her frenzy. Take her permission to avoid temper flare up. You can easily avoid the problem. Chances to form a new love connection will be strong but don’t reveal information that is personal and confidential. You can leave your office early today to spend some time with your life partner. However, excessive traffic will ruin your efforts. Health of your spouse may keep you worried. After spending all the time with the outsiders, you’ll dedicate your evening to your spouse.

Libra : You are going to enjoy the pleasure of leisure. People who had undertaken loans may experience troubles in repaying the amount today. Your stubborn nature could mar the peace of your parents. You need to give heed to their advice. Better to be obedient to save all from offending. Your beloved today would like to say his/her mind rather than listening to you. This can make you upset. You can spend most of your time sleeping at home. However, you’ll come to realize the importance of time in the evening. Today, you will know that how does it feel to have a wonderful life-partner. You may have plenty of time today, but do not waste your precious moments by building castles in the air. Doing something concrete will pave your way better for coming week.

Scorpio : Performance of your child may give you immense pleasure. Wishes will be fulfilled as blessings and good fortune comes your way- and as hard work of the previous days brings results. Evening at the movie-theatre or dinner with your spouse seems to keep you in a relaxed and wonderful mood. Beloved will be in a romantic mood. Today, you may get some bad news from your in-laws’ side, which can make you sad. As a result, you may spend a lot of time just thinking. With just little efforts, the day might become the best day of your married life. It is better to miss your love than to meet him/her today, as meeting might end up in a tiff.

Sagittarius : Your charming behaviour will attract attention. Today, with the help of a close friend, some businessmen are likely to gain monetary benefits. This money can overcome many of your troubles. In a happy-energetic-loving mood-your jovial nature brings joy and happiness to those around you. Your love partner will surprise you with something really beautiful today. You can suddenly plan to take off from work today and spend time with your family. After a long time, you will get a really cozy and warm hug from your spouse today. Impatience isn’t good for either you or your work, as it increases the chances of damage or any kind of loss.

Capricorn : Don’t hesitate to express your views. Let not allow confidence deficiency take over you as it will only complicate your problem and could retard your progress. Express yourself to regain your confidence and smile hearty to tackle the problem. Even if you keep tackling money issues throughout the day, you are likely to attain profits in the evening. Do not let your relatives and friends manage your finances or you could soon be surpassing your budget. It is not right to show off your love in every situation. Sometimes, it can spoil your relationship instead of improving it. New ideas would be productive. You may waste your free time in unnecessary arguments, which will make you upset at the end of the day. You are going to experience a beautiful change in your erotic married life.

Aquarius : Your personal problems may ruin mental happiness but involve yourself in some mental exercise by reading something interesting to cope up these pressures. You are likely to earn through most unexpected sources. Health of some female member in the family may cause worries. You can brighten your love life by visiting some picnic spot. You know the importance of personal space, and you are likely to get a lot of free time today. In this time, you can play a game or go to the gym. You and your spouse might get a wonderful news today. Today, a stranger during your trip can annoy you.

Pisces : Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. Today will prove to be economically better than the rest of the days and you will earn enough money. An old friend may call on you in the evening and brings in nostalgic memories. Day is filled with joy and happiness with a lovely message. After completing household chores, housewives of this zodiac sign can watch a movie on TV or get engaged in their mobile phones in the free time today. Your spouse will appreciate you today praising all nice about you and falling for you again. Today, you will remain sad and won’t even know the reason behind this mood.


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