Last Friday night a freak incident happened where a 130 kg person fell inside a drain at Mahapura village.

The victim was on its way to meet his friend when the accident happened and he fell inside. Due to his weight the locals are unable to take him out and later fire brigade was called for help.


Pravinbhai Maachi 52 living in Gotri area runs a tea stall in Mangal Bazaar area of the city. He is 130 kgs in weight and on Friday night went to meet his friend living in Mahapura village on his motorcycle. While in Mahapura village he fell inside a 20 foot drain due to darkness and stuck inside. However due to his weight the people failed to rescue him and later they called the fire brigade to save him. He was shifted to a private hospital in Kothi area of the city.

Pravinbhai said that he parked his motorcycle on road and went to meet his friend living in Mahapura village. There is a drain near the village and was covered with a thin sheet. However when he was on its way to the village he fell inside the drain due to darkness. However the people rushed to save him but due to his heavy weight they unable to take him out.


After the incident Pravinbhai asked his friend to call his son Akash and he called the fire brigade who reached the spot to save him. After half n hour the fire brigade took him out of the drain and send him to the hospital in 108 ambulance. Pravinbhai fractured his left leg and also receive injuries on his back due to this freak incident.